Raw Garden Live Resin Vape Cartridges are clean, pure, and affordable, with potency levels reaching up to 85% THC and beyond
full grams
flavors include;

Valley Haze | Tyrone special | triangle kush | SYV haze | sweet tooth | strawberry OG | Strawberry jack | sour diesel | Animus Valley | Banana Punch | Berry White | Bisti Badlands | Bisti x Sour Tangie | Blue Alien | Blackberry Cream | Blue Kush | Buckeye Purple | Cherry Haze | Cherry Slurm | Citrus Chem | Citrus Sap | Clem Haze | Clem N’ Harlequin | Cookies & Cream | Clementine | Deep Blue C | Dos-Y-Dos | Forum Cookies | Forum Slurm | GG# 4 | Grape | Gluekies | Harlequin | Heisenberg Sky | Kimbo Kush | Kosher Chem | Kosher Clem | Leeroy OG | Lime Cookies | Lime Glue | OG Cookies | OG Kush | Orange Chem | Orange Glue | Raspberry Valley | Sour Tangie | 3 bears | Strawberry Chem | Blueberry Punch | Lime Mojito | Skyhound | Animas Badlands | Lime Drop | Dosi Punch | Banana OG




Raw gardens Raspberry Valley comes from a strong line of potent strains (Emerald Bay Purps x Virgin Purps x Raspberry Punch), boasting strong medicinal properties such as powerful full-body relaxation and pain relief benefits that may be used to treat pain, stress, depression, and nausea. Inexperienced users or those with a lower tolerance should be aware however of this strains potency and ability to induce drowsiness and potential couch lock at higher dosages.

Raw Garden Live Resin Vape Cartridges contain only pure live resin oil and cannabis terpenes, for superior taste, potency, and vapor quality. Raw Garden’s live resins are extracted from a single source and enhanced with the same unique terpene profile present in the strain of origin, which allows you to experience the full flavor and therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant.


Raw Garden produces some of the finest concentrates on the market, extracted from small batches of fresh-frozen organic flowers grown in Santa Barbara, California. Their team of multi-generational farmers, scientists, and cannabis geeks are dedicated to providing clean and accessible cannabis products at an affordable price.

Raw Garden is one of the most tastiest THC oil cartridges we ever vaped.
secondly, It’s not the most potent THC cartridge, but its up there and deserves to be considered a high potency cartridge.
moreover, The preserved terpenes compliment the THC for a more superior high compared to carts that are not using naturally acquired cannabis terpenes.
Also, After vaping multiple Raw Garden cartridges, we weren’t able to find any dislikes.
The vape cart itself was never clogged and offered a smooth hit with each draw.
however, The quality of their nug run THC oil is noticeable compared to others that use trim to produce their cannabis oil.

Live Resin Potency

to conclude, The labeling on vape cartridges have the words “high potency” on it. This label is a warning for people with low THC tolerance.
As someone who vapes frequently, I am looking for a vape cartridge I don’t need to hit often.
The Raw garden cartridges pack a punch with THC content ranging on average 75-80%. One to two puffs until the vape battery cuts you off is more than enough to feel the effects of the THC.

Are raw gardens legit?

The vape cartridges aren’t fake news. They’re real and do not fall under the category of low quality fake cartridges circulating around the black market since they’re their own brand.

Lab Tests

All the carts are lab tested, 100% potent and all authentic, to see lab tests and results


75.04% THC 0.20% CBD

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Valley Haze, Tyrone special, triangle kush, SYV haze, sweet tooth, strawberry OG, Strawberry jack, sour diesel, Animus Valley, Banana Punch, Berry White, Bisti Badlands, Bisti x Sour Tangie, Blue Alien, Blackberry Cream, Blue Kush, Buckeye Purple, Cherry Haze, Cherry Slurm, Citrus Chem, Citrus Sap, Clem Haze, Clem N’ Harlequin, Cookies & Cream, Clementine, Deep Blue C, Dos-Y-Dos, Forum Cookies, Forum Slurm, GG# 4, Grape, Gluekies, Harlequin, Heisenberg Sky, Kimbo Kush, Kosher Chem, Kosher Clem, Leeroy OG, Lime Cookies, Lime Glue, OG Cookies, OG Kush, Orange Chem, Orange Glue, Raspberry Valley, Sour Tangie, 3 bears, Strawberry Chem, Blueberry Punch, Lime Mojito, Skyhound, Animas Badlands, Lime Drop, Dosi Punch, Banana OG